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Gallery Prints

A beautiful way to display your best shots

Our high quality gallery print photo printing process includes UV printing directly onto acrylic glass which is then strengthened with aluminium di-bond. This means the brilliance and depth of your photos are secured with the gloss of the acrylic and strength of the aluminium.

  • UV printed for maximum colour brightness
  • Added strength with aluminium backing
  • Huge range of sizes available
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Product Features


  • Size selection accurate to the millimetre
  • From 20 x 20cm to 100 x 150cm


  • Direct UV-printing onto 4mm acrylic glass backed by 3mm aluminium di-bond

Create the Perfect Layout with a Gallery Print

Our Gallery Prints are highly customisable – choose the appropriate format for your photo in either a classic photo aspect ratio or an unusual panoramic format. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even combine the two, so experiment and get your perfect layout. There are many different options when choosing to affix this wall art to your wall, including: a rail system as used in galleries; polished metal brackets for smaller sizes; or even a screw system with visible corner screws for a modern look.

Our Wall Hangers at a glance

Use the perfect system for mounting photos on the wall with safety and stability
wall hanger dco screw system Wall hanger Dco screw system Chrome Posts (Screws)

The bolted system consists of 4 aluminium wall mounts, attached through drilled boreholes in each corner of the Gallery Print. The bolts are guided through the front of the print so that the stylish screw head remains visible and provides a wall distance of 2 cm.

wall hanger dco clamping system Wall hanger Dco clamping system Chrome Stand-Offs (Clamps)

The clamp system consists of 4 aluminium wall mounts, that fix your Gallery Print to the wall without the need for bore holes. They are visible from the front and provide a wall distance of 2 cm.

Wall hanger Dco rail system Wall hanger Dco rail system Aluminium Rail

A metal frame is securely attached to the back of the Gallery Print. As well as providing additional stability, this innovative hanging system ensures perfect results every time. The hooks can slide within the bar, making it easy to hang your picture perfectly straight. The Bar System provides a wall distance of 1 cm.

Wall mount dcso wall mount dco Wall Brackets

Invisible hanging: Use our adhesive wall brackets to mount your piece of Wall Art with about 10mm of spacing - perfect for smaller pieces!