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Framed Photo Prints

Print and frame your photos in a variety of styles and designs, styled to suit your room.


Discover Our Wide Variety of Photo Print Frames

Hanging your framed photo print

Choose from one of our 4 mounting options to perfectly secure your print to your wall.
Wooden Frames

For our wooden gallery frames, we use metal sawtooth fixtures that are securely attached to the reverse of your product.

Metal Frames

Our metal gallery frames are high-quality and securely fixed, stabilised by metallic wedges in the corners.

Frames for Laminated Posters

We use an integrated wall bracket in the wooden frame for our laminated posters. The product is hung using a hole placed into the back of the frame.

Plastic Frames

We offer two rear-mounted options for our plastic frames for a simple hanging option.

How Framed Wall Art Is Made at CEWE

Get to know the process of making some of our most loved Wall Art products from start to finish.

Why You Should Create Framed Photo Prints

With an easy drag and drop function, large framed prints can showcase up to 27 images as a collage, or you can show off that one photo you're proud of as a piece of wall art that will be truly treasured. Decorate your home with a montage of precious memories – all with impressive gallery quality. You don't have to create a large framed print just for yourself. Each framed print can make an awe-inspiring gift for your friends or a family member, especially if you can print one of their photos.